Friday, June 22, 2007

Book discussion notes

The speed bump chapter is an incredibly useful overview - would be great to read in a number of classes.
Barb: Cultural implications of encryption - you don't necessarily think of the wider cultural implications of encryption. We've read Code, but this is different. Assumptions are similar - code has social impact, but Lessig is more legal and Gillespie doesn't forground the law as much, it is more about industries, how corporate interests invade the arts.
John: I agree, Lessig has his dot with forces acting on it. The dot is in the middle. The dot is powerless. But here the dot is not powerless.
Greg D. and the forces are interconnected.
Jason - that is why chapter 3 was so helpful; it isn't just either or - its yes that and this other thing and this other thing.
Greg - it is hard to put all of them in any given case.
Jason - I want to drop chapter 3 into my dissertation!

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