Friday, June 22, 2007

dissertation to book

Barb :Would also be interested in hearing about the transformation from dissertation to book. We love chatper 3, but many people are surprised that you were able to convince the editors to keep all the theory in the book. Was that hard to convince them? What did it take to move it from book to dissertation?

Kristin J: It was also helpful that he was clear about the limitations of the work - what he would and would not include.

John: would have liked to have seen more hstory. How did Jack V. come to be in his position? Generational changes/trends in the media industry. They were a cultural authority and they want to keep that. Blacklisted diresctors. The same people are running Hollywood. They aren't smart and they are all related to that. How does DRM tie into that "keep the family business running" mindset?

Barb: Yeah in their culture they are gods. There is a lot of threat here to that authority. This isn't just about downloading. This is about authority. A lion in windter sort of thing.

John: The Paramount decree. An antitrust related settlement courts imposed on the movie inustry. Separates film industry from movie theatres. For example Lowes theatres owned and ran MGM. When you disengaged theatres from production, it changed a lot of things that I saw. Cheap and bad movies got play because they were sponsored. Not such a drive to distinguish movies from tv. The Hollywood product must be different from TV. If you are blockbuster oriented you take risks seperately. Distribution was guaranteed.

Kristin E: but how does this tie into DRM?

Greg D: Connections between industries. Cultural norms - stars were signed to do x numbers of films. Norms of why they went to the theatre. HOw much you would pay and how long you would stay. As economic arrangements fell apart, "A Decade Under the Influence" talks about these changes, ... sorry took a phone call.

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